The package can be installed from source from the GitHub using the devtools package as follows:

# latest development version
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao')

# latest development version
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao', 'develop')


The above commands will perform a complete build/installation, which may require a complete R development environment. This should be fine for standard unix-based R installations (Linux, Mac), but is not installed by default on Windows machines.

So if this fails, then try doing a quick install by:

  • skipping vignette generation only with argument build_vignette = FALSE.
  • limiting the installation procedure to the strict necessary with argument quick = TRUE;
# latest development version
# -> no vignette
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao', build_vignettes = FALSE)
# -> minimal installation 
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao', quick = TRUE)

# latest development version
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao', 'develop', quick = TRUE)
install_github('doRNG', 'renozao', 'develop', build_vignettes = FALSE)



The latest automated build of the package can be installed from R-forge repository as follows:

install.packages("doRNG", repos="")


This installation method depends on the package's build status on R-forge, which can be checked on the project page > 'R packages' or from R:

'doRNG' %in% rownames(available.packages(contrib.url("")))